Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bruschetta Quinoa Wrap with Avocado Dressing

It happened to me again. I had to think quick. Lunch was looming and Miles was coming home. I opened the fridge and spied the leftover avocado dressing from our pistachio chicken dinner the night before as well as those little sweet browned onions. I looked around the fridge some more. Ahhh...a container of bruschetta! One more glance and my eyes fell on the leftover quinoa from small group Sunday night. "I believe I have a plan now!" I said to myself.

Sunday night I made a delicious salad with my beautiful red quinoa and some regular quinoa mixed together. I cooked a little extra that night because I like to eat it in my yogurt so I was in luck. I dumped the leftover, which was probably about
1 1/2- 2 cups,  into a bowl and added about 1/3 of this container of bruschetta. I think maybe I did go back and add a bit more at one point.

I found this at Cash Wise near the deli section I believe. I love it mixed with quinoa! Very tasty and very quick to pull together a lovely lunch!

I also had a few leftover onions from dinner the night before but I needed to cook a few more. I just dice them tiny and cook them in a bit of olive oil until they are browned. They are so delicious!

Then I topped my whole wheat wrap with some spinach for more greenness, the bruschetta quinoa, avocado dressing, and the onions.

Fold the sides in and roll it up. It is okay if the dressing drips out because that is the best part! The dressing was also leftover from pistachio chicken night. It is actually a South Beach Diet recipe that is truly one of our favorites. If you haven't tried the pistachio chicken yet you must. Miles was so shocked I wasn't taking pictures of our dinner that night because he thought for sure that recipe was blog worthy. I promptly replied, "Already on the blog!"

A fresh fruit plate on the side for us to share. I do so love those Cara Cara oranges!

I loved this wrap so much! I think I work best under pressure! Give this dressing a try even if you don't have bruschetta. It is so simple to make and tastes great with those sweet little onions on just about any salad! Word to the wise, don't skip the lime juice! That helps keep the avocado from turning brown.

P.S. This post is for Kristy who says I haven't been blogging enough!!! I think she should make me this for lunch next Wednesday when I am at the office to clean now that I have blogged today just for her!

Avocado Dressing:

1 tsp. grated sweet white onion
1 large ripe avocado, pitted and peeled
3 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
3 tbsp. fresh lime juice
1 tbsp. water
salt to taste

Puree the onion, avocado, oil, lime juice, dash of salt, and water in a blender or food processor. Taste and add more salt if desired.

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Kristy Nystrom said...

It's about time!!!! Of course once I scold you for not enough blogging, I don't get around to checking it until today! I will say that last night I made your Butternut Squash Black Bean burritos for my Husband and I and they were a hit. It is truly impressive considering he hates the following: onions, red peppers, and squash. Well done Pam and thanks for posting!