Saturday, September 15, 2012

One Great Cereal

I have had the best of intentions lately when it comes to this blog. I have tried several recipes lately that have all been............


And I do mean that with all capitals! I have really been wanting to get back to some regular posting but every time I make something, take all the pictures, then sit down to enjoy, I just hear a big wa wa wa in my head. No good. Not blog worthy. Back to the drawing board.

It started with this Wild Rice Salad....

This recipe came from the Relish Issue that comes in the paper once a month. It was a wild rice salad with an Asian flair. Miles actually really enjoyed this but to me it was just okay. Nothing I wanted to eat again. So I decided not to share it with you.

Then there was this little gem I thought was going to be such a portion of goodness. I found this while perusing some blogs or maybe it was Pinterest one night. I was so excited to try them. I mixed a little peanut butter with some honey to give it some stiffness and topped the banana slices.

Then came the good part. The chocolate. I dipped the slices in melted dark chocolate. Are you getting excited too???

The first problem came when I was staring at the slice on the spoon wondering how I was going to get it off and onto the parchment without taking all the rest of the chocolate with it and making a huge mess. Toothpick to the rescue!

However, that was extremely putzy, and it was still difficult to get out of the banana without tearing it completely up and making this little puddle of chocolate around the bottom. But I put these into the fridge to harden up anyway and see what would happen. They didn't harden up though so they went into the freezer like other people had suggested. I left them there for a while before coming back to give them a taste.

I will admit the taste of these was great. What was not great was the fact the chocolate never really hardened up enough so they were very messy and they HURT your teeth to bite into because they were so cold. I left them in the freezer overnight and tried again the next day. Even worse. Bummer.

Then there was going to be some Seriously Tomato Pasta with Kale. I deleted the pictures from my camera already. It was nothing to write home about. Bummer again because I was excited to sneak kale into the pasta so my kids would get that nutrition without caring about it too much and to use up some late summer tomatoes.

Then my new issue of Clean Eating arrived this week. I was super excited to try the Breakfast Pumpkin Cake. These ingredients sounded perfect and healthy to me. I figured it would have to turn out this time since it was in the magazine, right?
Surely they have really tested the recipes.

Wrong. They went into the oven for 35 minutes. They weren't done at that point so I gave them 5 more minutes then 2 more. My tester finally came out clean.

They came out looking pretty good so I was excited to dig in for a taste.
I let it sit for a few minutes then turned one out onto a plate. They were cooked but they were very mushy. Miles' cake sat a little longer on the counter so his was slightly better and he did eat it. Mine sadly went into the garbage can. I hate doing that but even after trying to microwave it a bit to cook it more it was still yucky. Sad, sad, day!

My final failure happened just this morning. I have been wanting to work on a bran muffin recipe for quite some time. I used to make wonderful bran muffins and have them almost every morning for breakfast but the recipe is beyond fixing. They were the kind of muffins where you make the batter and keep it in the fridge so you can scoop some out and make hot muffins everyday without the hassle. They had 3 cups of sugar in them. Enough said.

I found these bran flakes thanks to my friend Jess Kubesh. She told me about them and I quickly added them to my iphone shopping list app so I wouldn't forget to buy them.

Look at all those yummy grains and stellar ingredients. And they are at Walmart of all places so the price is great! High hopes I had. High hopes I tell you!

They are such pretty bran flakes too. I searched for quite some time yesterday looking at recipes and trying to fix and tweak things to come up with a delicious but healthy bran muffin that I could look forward to eating.

It was a little disappointing that I only got 11 muffins out of the mix.

But then I tasted them and decided it was super great I only got 11 muffins! They were edible. I ate two of them but I slathered them in my Farmer's Market honey so they would taste good. Ugh!!!!! I am not sure I can handle much more failure in the kitchen before I give up on cooking!

Moral of the story.
Eat the cereal instead.
The Heritage Flakes are awesome.
They have such great slightly sweet flavor.
They stayed crispy in the milk. (which was part of the muffin problem)
Their ingredient list is awesome.
They are organic and non-gmo.
They were $5.72 for a 32oz. bag.
Thank you Jess Kubesh.

Back to the drawing board for me I guess.
Have a wonderful Saturday!

In case you are interested.....some of these recipes have potential and I might work on them. The bananas with peanut butter and chocolate however, I won't do every again.

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Jenny said...

Oh, man! Bummer. I think it's good to share cooking failures, too, as lessons to others. I would have been SURE those banana bites would have been amazing. It sounds like such a good idea.