Sunday, October 9, 2011

We Do Eat Carbs

It has been a busy weekend. I will be glad when Monday gets here! Most people dread Monday but I look forward to it every week. It gets really quiet around here about 8am and I have until 2:45 all to myself to do whatever I need to do or want to do! It is precious time usually after a weekend filled with family "stuff" that I appreciate. Miles came home Friday late afternoon and our busy weekend began. We got ready to go to the Homecoming football game after our carb loading dinner for our race Saturday morning. We like to sign up for local races around here to keep us motivated in our running. Just lots of 5K's usually but my excuse to eat some extra carbs like pasta and bread! Now truth be told we probably don't need the carbs just for such a short distance run but it is a mind game I like to play with myself. So this is what we ate Friday night.....
Whole wheat pasta with a simple tomato sauce, garden salad, some apple slices, and a couple slices of Schwan's multigrain loaf of bread.

We honestly don't eat a ton of pasta around here but when we do it is ALWAYS 100% whole wheat because it is so much better for you. My suggestion to people though is to always start by mixing it half and half with white pasta or to start with the whole grain pastas to get your taste buds used to the switch.

I like this one but other brands are great too! I have a thing for angel hair pasta!

I also like to make my own very simple sauce. I saute some onion and garlic in a little olive oil. I used about 1/2 a large onion and probably 3-4 cloves of garlic. I love onion and garlic so adjust it to whatever your tastebuds prefer. Then I add one can of this magic ingredient.......
Fire roasted tomatoes = YUMMY! Do NOT drain them. You need that juice!

Makes a beautiful sauce!

Fire roasted tomatoes add such a great flavor! You can call it good after that! It makes such a great sauce and it really doesn't need anything else. However, the kids don't like big chunks of tomatoes in anything. So I add a little bit of this to the sauce for their sake.......
This one has the least amount of sugar I can find at only 3 grams without paying $7.00 a jar which I refuse to do.

You can buy both of these kinds of items in the organic section of grocery stores as well if you want to 100% sure that you are buying a "safe" (BPA free) can. I don't eat these a whole lot so I don't worry too much about it. Plus for most of you reading this blog I am trying to be practical and know that you just want to grab what you can easily find on the shelf without paying $7.00 as well so go ahead and get the Hunt's brand!

So I think that was plenty of carbs for our race wouldn't you say. Especially since we probably wouldn't even dip into our glycogen storage! Like I said, I just need an excuse.

I made up for it a little bit in the morning by eating some protein for my pre-race breakfast. Some egg beaters with a little Swiss cheese mixed in and sprouted grain toast with my new love, sun flower seed butter.

If you listen to nothing else I say go out and buy some of this Sunbutter! It is my absolute new favorite thing! It tastes a lot like sunflower seeds in a peanut butter form. I have been eating a lot of celery lately and quinoa crackers because I am looking for an excuse to eat this as well! I even put a dollop on my overnight pumpkin oatmeal this morning. I know there is more than one brand but this one I found locally at Cashwise in the health foods section.

It is also a completely safe alternative to peanut butter if you or someone you know has a peanut allergy. It is even made in a factory where there is no trace of peanuts and can be used at schools that are peanut free.

So I am glad we ate our carbs and did the race even though it was POURING rain all morning. Thankfully it let up a little when we were running. I am also thankful to my husband who let me steal his hat to keep the rain off my face since it meant rain would be all over his glasses. Running down a wet, muddy, dirt road isn't ideal for race day but we finished! Soaking wet but we did it! I am thankful also for moisture wicking workout clothes and the fact that I am getting closer to catching my husband. This time I was only a minute and a half behind him. He hadn't run in 10 days which helped me!

I literally could have wrung my shirt out it was so soaked even though it doesn't look that way. I think we deserve brownie points for running in the rain!

SUPER thankful we can do this together! Now don't you think someone should buy his wife a cute hat of her own so he doesn't have to give his up next time?

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Jenny said...

Way to go with the race! You guys look so fit. This post reminds me of a shirt Ryan has that says "i eat carbs." The message is suited well for his skinny self. I always want to wear it because it fits and is made of that perfect soft t-shirt material, but I never dare because people would be like, "Um, yeah, you do!"