Sunday, December 4, 2011


You know sometimes it doesn't hurt to have a little reminder as to why I never want to put the weight back on that I have lost. I mean something that will make me say, "You know I REALLY WANT to go to the gym today! I would really like to sweat and work hard and eat salad for lunch instead of pizza for the rest of my life!" Thankfully I got a good reminder the other day while killing time on the computer. A high school friend posted a picture on facebook that I asked to steal from her and put on the blog. No it isn't me in high school. It is something she found on a facebook weight loss page. So here it is.

So are you completely grossed out like I was? I think the thing that makes me feel so gross is that I had even more than then that 20 pounder in me and Miles lost 75 pounds. I would hate to see what the 75 pound shelf looked like. No offense Miles. Our bodies were not meant to carry this stuff around and it does scary things to us that we often tend to just joke about. Looking at that picture is a good reminder that it really isn't a joking matter. Even when it is only 5 pounds it still looks pretty nasty.

I read again just yesterday about how stored fat in our bodies makes extra estrogen. Extra estrogen promotes breast cancer cell growth especially prolonged exposure to extra estrogen. My mom's own cancer was estrogen fed. When there is less estrogen around there is less stimulation of cancer cell growth and we can lower those levels by shedding the extra pounds with diet and exercise. You can check these facts out yourself but I have learned a bit about cancer unfortunately in the last few years.

That brings me to another reminder that I have been meaning to share about on my blog. DRINK MORE WATER! When I was sick with a sinus infection over Thanksgiving I was reminded that one of the best ways to combat the mucous is to drink tons of water. Pharmacist recommended! In hopes of tasting my Thanksgiving meal I got busy downing as much as I could while I was cooking. Here is what I have been meaning to share though. When you drink through a straw you drink WAY more. So go out and buy yourself one of these cups for Christmas.

You have probably seen these cups everywhere and they are cheap and they work a little magic I would say. I keep mine in the fridge filled with cold water ready at any moment to grab. Think about how fast you go through a glass of fountain pop at a restaurant. It is because you are sipping it through a straw. Studies have shown people drink more when it is through a straw. So test the theory.

As an added benefit did you know that drinking lots of water will help you get rid of any extra water weight you are carrying around? Strange but true. If you don't drink enough water your body goes into hoarding mode thinking you will not give it enough and stores the water. So flush that water retention by drinking more and telling your body you will be good to it! Also your kidneys need plenty of water to do their job properly. If you don't give them enough then your body uses the assistance of your liver. Your liver is able to metabolize fat and use it for energy. SO, if your liver is bailing our your kidneys it isn't burning the fat it is supposed to be.

One final reminder. I need this one everyday.

Because I am a Christian I have some convictions about taking care of my body. The Lord gently reminds me often that I need to give him the control in this area of my life. I am not ENTITLED to eat whatever I want because I think I deserve it or to never exercise because I don't have time for it. He gave me this one body. His Holy Spirit dwells here and I am not my own. He paid a high price for me and I need to honor him with my body. I love the story of Daniel resolving not to defile himself with the kings food and wine. The scripture says that after 10 days of Daniel and his friends eating nothing but vegetables and water they looked healthier and better nourished than any of the young men who ate the royal food. Interesting! Encouraging! A great reminder!
(Daniel 1: 8-16 if you want to read the story yourself)

So forgive me for not posting a recipe for a few days and letting me rant a little. I hope you will find some motivation from this post today however and be reminded as we head into an indulgent season of eating that it might not be worth it. You will feel better for not eating all the sweets then for the 10 seconds of pleasure you get when downing that cupcake or cookie!

Am I the Grinch who stole your Christmas cookie pleasure?

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I recently have lost about 30 lbs! those stubborn fat pounds were just stuck on me from having my little ones....and I have finally gotten them off....I am hoping they NEVER show up again!!!