Thursday, December 8, 2011

Simple Salad and French Toast Oatmeal

Tonight I needed to just keep it simple for dinner. We have get to go to Evan's orchestra concert tonight so I didn't want to spend much time in the kitchen cooking or cleaning up. Also, we really haven't been eating enough of our greens lately if you can believe that. I know some of you think that is all we eat around here. I do love to eat salad almost everyday. It makes me feel good and keeps me full for a long time. Plus it is pretty quick since I usually have everything ready to go. But I do like variety if I am going to eat salad as often as I do. So this is what it looked like tonight.

We had a spinach and romaine mix topped with some chicken breasts I marinated in balsamic vinegar and some Greek seasoning and cooked on my fake George Foreman grill. I also added sliced avocado, sun-dried tomatoes, and caramelized onion. I chose a balsamic vinaigrette tonight for the dressing, but I think Newman's Own Sun-Dried Tomato would have been even better if I only  had some!

For the record my husband was super happy to eat a salad for dinner tonight. Know why? The avocado and the onions. He may have been seen licking the last few out of the pan before he washed it up tonight!! And it was 5:45 when I sat down to type this so I cooked and we ate and cleaned up very quickly. Goal met!

So I wanted to share something else that I stumbled across the other day on a blog. It was a recipe for French Toast Oatmeal. Incredible! I was hooked with just the title and then I fixed it, also rather quickly, and devoured it. I shared one bite with Miles. I think he was sorry he didn't pick oatmeal.

That is pure maple syrup melting in my bowl! Holy Yum!

Can you believe that I actually followed her recipe exactly? No changes whatsoever! So you can visit her incredible blog called "The Edible Perspective" and get the recipe and see her beautiful pictures by clicking here. She is a photographer also and has won awards for the photography on her blog. While you are there click on her recipes link and see all the amazing recipes she has for all kinds of different oatmeal and breakfast foods. I am going to try some of her buckwheat bakes next. She has lots of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free recipes also if you are interested in those.

I now must get out of these sloppy cooking clothes and go to the concert. I really am actually looking forward to it. Evan has come a long way since the beginning and he is doing a chamber piece with a few of his best buds tonight. I have been hearing lots of Christmas music coming from his room as he practices so it should be a festive night!

Enjoy your evening!

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Jenny said...

I love how the carmelized onions look on the salad!

I don't remember where I got the pancake mold. But it looks like there is one on ebay.