Friday, February 17, 2012

Found Something I Love!

Okay so I ate a late lunch and I am not hungry tonight so I scratched the dinner plans in favor of these new pretzels that I found a few weeks back and totally love! I always say if you find something awesome you should share right?? Well I will not share my pretzels with you. In fact I am having a hard time sharing them with Faith but I will share where you can find them. (If 5 year old daughter likes them, no loves them, then you will too!)
Hello pretzels!!!! I have truly missed the cracker/pretzel kind of snack in my life. There just aren't that many healthy versions of crackers and especially pretzels but as I was walking by the aisle at the store the word SPROUTED caught my attention so I stopped to investigate!

I really only eat sprouted grain bread or pita so I was thinking hooray a sprouted whole grain pretzel! Thank you Lord! I just might have a new favorite snack. After reading through the ingredient list and nutrition facts I decided to bring them home with me! Check out how big they are and I can eat 8 of those big pretzels for 110 calories so they are a decent snack! They do not disappoint.

Only 6 ingredients and I am loving the first two for sure!

I found these locally at CashWise in the health food section but good news for everyone, they ship anywhere! Check out how many flavors they make. I didn't see any of the other flavors but I will be looking and if I can't find them I just might have them ship me some! I am thinking garlic and onion next!

You see what I mean about the sharing??? The pretzels are gone. Poor girl. Somebody better get her some more! I actually just sent Miles to the store to get us some more because the crumbs that Faith and I just downed were not enough. He went willingly in case you are wondering. He needed some brownie points!

I might have them with some of my favorite green drink, "Green Goodness" from Bolthouse Farms. You can find this just about anywhere but when I saw the two pack at Sams for only $5.98 I snagged them up quick. They are gluten free, have no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, and no GMO ingredients. (genetically modified organisms) It tastes so yummy. Don't be too alarmed by the sugar content. It is all natural sugar from the fruits and veggies it contains. I still only enjoy it occasionally though, mainly because it is a bit spendy.

I know it doesn't seem like much dinner but I will probably eat some fruit and veggies with it as well and I am not really that hungry! Now go get yourself some pretzels! I do mean NOW!

DVR here I come!


Anonymous said...

I will keep my eyes peeled for these!

Jenny said...

I've never seen those before! Yum! I'll be on the lookout. I did, however, buy that same two pack of juice at Sam's tonight! :)