Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hello Quinoa! I have Missed You!

I broke my carb, fruit, sugar fast this morning with a big bowl of my favorite breakfast food, quinoa and Greek yogurt with frozen blueberries and agave! It tasted pretty darn good! That is the amazing thing about going without for a few days. Those foods really do taste better then you ever thought they could!

I still ate very simple meals for the rest of the day however because I liked the last few days! For lunch I had this.....
Since I had quinoa already made up in the fridge I just added some pilaf mix and dried red and green peppers that I got at the local health food store in town. It is right next to Jake's Pizza for you locals and is called Potpourri. Excellent store! I just used a couple tablespoons of the pilaf blend and mixed it with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar and tossed it all together to serve over my bed of greens. It looked like it was missing a bit of something though.

It asked me to add feta. I swear!

Then later for a little treat I had some nuts and a glass of green tea with mango that I also purchased at Potpourri. AMAZING! I started out with warm tea and half way through thought it might also be good iced so I filled a cup with some ice and poured it over. I was right. It was GREAT! I have been wanting to add more green tea to my life. I think I have found the way. The mango in there is just divine!

Dinner tonight was brought to me courtesy of the Schwan's Man! Have you heard me talk about how much I love these turkey and spinach meatballs???? Even Faith eats these and that girl wants to be a vegetarian. Quick and very delicious and even healthy!

So we ate them with a side salad topped with soy nuts, some cut up fruit, and just a few baby baker potatoes that also came from the Schwan's Man. We don't eat potatoes too often because you can't really call them a health food but they aren't bad food either. They are an occasional food! Super easy, quick, healthy and I didn't even have to dirty up my kitchen tonight. I just sat and talked to my husband while the meatballs and potatoes were in the oven. I don't usually let Miles in the kitchen when I cook. I have issues with needing to cook alone.

So even though I added fruit and carbs back into my diet today you can see that I stuck with complex carbs like quinoa and still didn't eat any bread. The potatoes on the other hand aren't so complex but I didn't even finish what was on my plate.

I promise I will get back to being more creative soon but I hope that you can see that eating healthy can be very quick and doesn't require a ton of thought and preparation all the time.

Enjoy your evening! Some DVR catch up is on the agenda for me!

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Faith wants to be a vegetarian? :)