Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oat Bran Sesame Sticks and My Baby's Birthday

It's my baby's birthday today. The saying goes, "How can the days drag on but the years go by so quickly?" That is how I feel everytime my kids have a birthday.

Like isn't this still my little Faith? I can still remember the feeling of holding this little bundle of pink joy. I do love to hold all babies, but it isn't the same as remembering the way your own baby felt in your arms.

But then she goes looking all grown up like this and you think, "I can hardly remember that baby?" How does that happen?

Then she goes and shakes her hips and does the runway at her birthday party just a wee bit too well and you think, "Oh crud! What are we in for? Can you please be a baby again?" I am not sure I like this and I know your daddy doesn't!

Or she gets to put a little makeup on at her Glitzy Girl Party and you see her so differently. It will be just around the corner that this sweet little face actually does get to wear makeup on a regular basis. It will be strange! Now mommy and daddy both don't like it! Can you please stay little, Faith?

But then you watch her blow out her candles and know that she is making a wish and that mom thing starts to well up inside you making you want to cry because while you do want her to stay little you also can't wait to see what she will become! Us moms are so fickle aren't we?

Today is her golden birthday! She is 6 years old on the 6th of March and bonus because she was also born in 2006! Must be why she is so special. She has shown us how to laugh, be enthusiastic, fun-loving, wild and crazy, energetic, silly, giggly, extrememly funny, caring, great at sharing, kind, and yes about having a bit of drama as well. But we will take the drama for all the blessing she adds to our lives. I wish I was a bit more like her actually. She doesn't take life too seriously!
Happy Birthday my sweet baby!

Now just in case you think I forgot this blog is about healthy eating I do have a new found snack I am in love with to share with you. I found these at Walmart a long time ago and was reluctant to try them because I just didn't want a carb kind of snack hanging around the house too much. I probably should have stuck to my guns because I do have a bit of trouble exercising self control now that I do have these Oat Bran Sesame Sticks around.
Once again they are a Nature's Harvest product. I love how reasonable these products are. I can't exactly remember how much I paid for these but I want to say $2.98. I will have to do an update to this post after I check again.

They have a unique taste to them so it is hard for me to tell you what they taste like but I can taste the sesame in there and I love it. They are crunchy and awesome to just snack on but great on top of a salad as well.

And I was pretty happy with the ingredient list. I completely love that they get their color from beet powder and turmeric. They also have no sugar at all and the carb count isn't terrible at 13g per serving. I have only found these products at Walmart though so you haters of Walmart will have to suck it up and go there now won't you!

Now we are off to Culver's for dinner. That is what the birthday girl picked and I don't mind because I love their veggie burger. I just wish they still had the sweet potato fries. Thankfully I was able to run outside this afternoon and I put in some miles at the gym this morning too so I will be able to eat a few fries and perhaps a small dish of the flavor of the day!

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colorwheelmeals.com said...

so cute!!! I know how you feel!! My baby just turned 9 last month!!! I swear I don't know where the time went!!