Monday, October 22, 2012

Peanut Butter and.......

Not jelly! Although that is coming next. But today I made peanut butter date balls with just 3 ingredients and they are SUPER good if I do say so myself. The husband says so too and even the picky eater likes them. She wasn't going to like them on a matter of principal but I made her try a bite and then she looked at me and said, "More food!" Then she came and helped herself to another one. Kid approved people!

I haven't made date balls in a long time. I have had to discipline myself because I eat too many of them when they are around. But I have camp this weekend with the teenagers and I like to bring along a few healthier snacks so my entire weekend doesn't go to pot. So I was making a practice batch. Plus I have lots of dates sitting around that need to be used up.

This is so simple. I promise.

One overflowing cup of unsalted peanuts. (I added another small handful because this wasn't overflowing enough) Dump those into the food processor and process into fine crumbs or for about 30 seconds. Remove them to another bowl.

Remember these? Nature's candy they are often called. You need 12 dates and you need to pit them. Place them in the processor and mix until they start to form a ball.

Add the peanuts back in along with 2 tablespoons of a creamy peanut butter. Process until the mixture just starts to come together. This is a very creamy peanut butter so if you have a thick one you may need to add a tablespoon or so of milk.

The mixture should look like this.

I just dump it out onto a piece of parchment or waxed paper and start to roll them into balls. Usually I use about a tablespoon of mixture per ball. If they won't hold just give the mixture a good squeeze in your hand. If that doesn't work you may need to put it back in the processor for a couple whirls.

I usually get anywhere from 25-30 date balls.

The problem is I eat some as I go because you have to make sure that they taste good before you roll them all out right?

Store them in the fridge in an airtight container for about a week or so. I love this for a before or after running snack but also as a sweet treat after lunch or dinner.

Keep in mind that while they contain no added sugar, dates are high in natural sugar, hence the name, "Nature's candy." Peanuts require the same kind of thinking. Lots of nutrition in these blessed portions of goodness but also not exactly a low calorie snack. So don't let yourself get out of control now!!!!

Please, please, try these! They are not some crazy health food freak snack. They are so yummy and so simple to make you will wonder why you waited so long.

Also, Walmart has removed your excuse that you can't find these dates! They are in the produce section and they have a yellow wrapper around them instead of the red one.

If you would like other flavors click on the link below or look under desserts on my recipe page. I think this good be flavor number 8 or 9 now!

Peanut Butter Date Balls
12 Medjool Dates, pitted
1 overflowing cup unsalted peanuts
2 Tbsp. all natural creamy peanut butter
(1-2 Tbsp. milk if necessary)

Process peanuts into fine crumbs in food processor. Remove and place in separate bowl. Process dates until they begin to come together and form a ball. Add peanuts back to bowl of processor. Add peanut butter and process until mixture comes together. Pour mixture onto parchment or waxed paper. Roll into balls. (about a tablespoon each) Let dry out a bit on the counter and then place in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a week.

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