Thursday, November 24, 2011

Being Thankful

I have much to be thankful for! I am glad for a day like this to make me pause and remember all that I have been blessed with. I am not really a person who expresses my thankfulness the way a person should. I often think how grateful I am for something but for some stupid reason those words just don't come out of my mouth. Some of these things are small things and others are things that seem like huge blessing but they all add up to a God who loves me and continues to bless me everyday.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17"

So lets start this list off with something seemingly small but really important to me!
I am thankful for.....

Antibiotics and the nurse practitioner who prescribed them to me and my best friend who filled the prescription for me. I will be able to taste my Thanksgiving meal thanks to to all three of them! Hooray!

It's a good thing too because I didn't want this load of groceries to be eaten up without being tasted. That would be a crime for sure. I am thankful I live in a country where I can go to the store and get everything I need and then some and that I have the money to pay for these groceries even though I don't love grocery shopping.

I am grateful Miles and I got to run at least one race together this year! This morning we were going to run the Turkey Leg together but I am just too sick to do it. I am REALLY bummed! I just know it won't go well and might make me feel even worse at this point but I am still sitting here debating this in my mind as I type. I still have time to go get dressed and do it don't I, but I will hack the whole way, but I really want to do it with Miles, but I know I won't be able to breathe the whole way.
See the problem!

I am super thankful for these ladies that I get to scrapbook with every year. We just went on our annual retreat almost 2 weeks ago and had a blast. I am also thankful I completed 50 pages and got myself closer to being caught up!

You can not even know how thankful I am to have some house projects completed! My usually non handy husband has really out done himself hanging the closet doors and wainscoting and changing all the outlets from 1977 beige to 2011 clean white! I think he could tackle the kitchen cupboards next! I will have to forgive him for not helping with the painting I suppose. There is still plenty of painting to be done!

I am thankful right now for these new floors and come full blown winter I will be even more so. Our carpet was so disgusting not even Miles could stand it anymore. No one in Minnesota should have carpet right when you walk in the door!

NORWEX!!!! I could not live without Norwex in my life. Part of our life style change involved getting rid of 90% of the chemicals we use to clean. Norwex cloths have silver in them. Bacteria can not grow on silver and because of their weave they cannot cross contaminate anything. So I can wipe up cut up chicken and go about cleaning the counter without transferring bacteria. Since I clean a couple days a week for some friends, I have made them switch to these also. I clean with no chemicals. Just water and this cloth and the polishing cloth that goes with it. I also have their mop (same concept) which I totally love. The 5 second rule has now turned into the 5 minute rule or longer! The crazy thing is they clean better then just about anything I used before. By the way I am thankful for these cleaning jobs!

I am so thankful that my sister came to visit me this summer! Since she is always behind the camera I have to show you a couple great family pictures she took for us to prove she actually got on a plane. She is a wonderful, free to me, photographer, who I love very much. I am so grateful she was brave enough to come see me and bring my beautiful niece, Shelby who I adore! I am also SUPER thankful for the pictures.

So my husband is on the phone with me Sunday afternoon at the grocery store getting some things on my list to equal up to $25 so we could get the turkey for .58 cents a pound. He says, "Do you want an oven bag?" I say, "Oh yes, I forgot about that." This morning I went to get the bag out to see how long my 23 pound turkey was going to take to cook. I look at the box that says it is for meats and poultry up to 8 pounds.
Uh oh! So today I am thankful for a hubby who runs to the store before he had to run the Turkey Leg 5K to fix this little problem for me. He is super great that way!

I am thankful that my table is set, my mother and father-in-law are here, that my kids don't have to go to school tomorrow and we can sleep in and put up Christmas decorations, that we have a beautiful feast to eat today, that I can taste (I know I already said that but it's worth repeating), for my faithful blog readers who encourage me daily and stroke my ego, for my health, my friends, great neighbors, and the rest of my family who aren't here today, for my house, our church, and most of all for the God of the universe who loves and cares about me!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Jenny said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I don't always express my gratefulness appropriately, either. I think I feel like I'm being cheesey or something. But I'm thankful for you!!! :) I'm thankful that you helped take care of Ryan (bless his heart) in college, that you've been such a faithful cheerleader of ours online, and that you are a great source of spiritual and healthy motivation for those around you.

I rarely use anything but water to clean with, and I told my mom that the other day. I think I grossed her out. Some people can't wrap their head around that.

Jenny said...

Oh, and I use regular microfiber cloths; I'm going to look into the ones you mentioned.