Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Some of My Favorites

I only have a few minutes to post today so I thought I would share just a couple quick favorites of mine. I really have been holding out on you not posting about these crackers sooner. Perhaps I have mentioned that there is really only one kind of cracker that I eat. I missed crackers in my life when I gave up all the unhealthy stuff. Most crackers are made with white flour and contain too many preservatives or ingredients I can't pronounce making them an automatic NO. But these crackers are a 100% YES!

Here they are! Ironically my friend Julie's husband introduced me to these crackers. I say ironic because he is always accusing me of eating "shaky" foods as he likes to call them. That is just code for really healthy food that he is too afraid to try and I actually take it as a compliment. These crackers would qualify as "shaky" I suppose!

And here is the list of ingredients for them. I don't need them to be gluten free but I know some people who do and they LOVE these crackers. I think it doesn't hurt to eat gluten free occasionally even if you don't need to. Most products containing gluten are carbs of course and they often have too much sugar in them. These crackers however are more of a complex carb and contain NO sugar! That's right! Zero grams! We all know that is hard to come by.

I buy these at Sams whenever we get to St. Cloud. I currently have 3 boxes stocked up and my jar on the shelf is full and looking pretty.

I have seen these crackers in smaller bags in the health food section at CashWise locally. I will say the one bag I bought there tasted different then these and even looked a little different. I will have to give the smaller bags another try soon.

Now onto another one of my favorite things, chicken sausage!

Bistro Sensations makes several different flavors of chicken sausage and I have loved every kind. You can buy these at Wal-Mart over by all the hot dogs. We also buy the Sams Club brand of chicken sausage and love all of those flavors too. They only have 100-120 calories each and are a much healthier alternative to hot dogs that have who knows what in them! Here is what I like to do with them.......

I slice them up and cook them with peppers and onions. Sometimes I eat it just like this and other times I mix it in with some quinoa or serve it over some brown rice.

We also both LOVE them cooked up and served over our salads.

Of course you can just leave them whole and put them in a whole wheat bun if it makes you feel good! Sometimes a nod to the way we used to eat makes it feel like we are getting away with something naughty but without the guilt.

Finally, my other favorite snack lately has been Sunbutter with whatever I can justify eating it with.
I am sure I have mentioned this before but I know repetition helps all of us so GO GET SOME OF THIS STUFF! I also like to put a dollop of it on my yogurt and quinoa at breakfast time or dip my crackers in it for an afternoon pick me up or slice up an apple and dip it in a spoonful on my plate. I might have even just licked a spoonful right up with nothing else but there is no evidence to prove it so I don't have to completely admit that do I?

I now must fix dinner and get myself, Faith and her friend off to church.

I am guessing my dinner is going to look something like this tonight................

Miles and Evan will eat at the church tonight so I don't really have to cook. I have been scaling back on the carbs, sugar, and fruit for the last few days to gain back some control after eating too much junk last week. I realized yesterday morning when I experienced a little detox nausea and headache that I really needed it!

There is also a little leftover spaghetti squash I will devour and call it a very veggie dinner. It might not look like much food but veggies really fill you up and I have eaten too many nuts this afternoon and I am not extremely hungry!

P.S. I really wish Blogger would learn the word quinoa!

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Anonymous said...

I love sunbutter and those crackers together!!!! SO yummy I can't stop eating them!!!!