Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

I made a trip to St. Cloud yesterday all by myself. Twas' bliss! I really enjoy my alone time very much. I need quite of bit of it in order to be a nice person. I went there on a hunt for some things for the house and for shoes and boots for the kids and a few more things I needed for my scrapbooking weekend coming up. I also went however to stop at The Great Harvest Bread Company. I have been wanting to make a stop there for quite some time. It smelled so awesome in there! Fresh baked bread has to be one of the best smells on earth!

I had them make me their veggie sandwich to take with me for later, which was divine by the way, and then I picked up a couple other things. So I thought it would be fun for you to see everything I ate today.

I was so excited to try this for breakfast this morning. It cooks up just like oatmeal would but it has a different texture. It took only 10 minutes. It seemed a little heartier to me than regular oatmel. It contains hard red wheat, white wheat, barley, rye, oats, corn, millet, hulled buckwheat, and flax seed.

Of course I didn't just leave it like this though.

I topped it with some almonds, Sunbutter, and just a little agave and mixed in one packet of Stevia. It was very delicious and truly warmed me up this morning. I wish I had had a little bit more of it this morning though as I was very hungry when I got home from working! I usually bring some nuts with me but I forgot them today. I shoved a couple handfuls in my mouth while I made my lunch.

One of the other things I picked up there was a loaf of their Pumpkin Swirl bread! Oh my portion of goodness! I am in love!

They hooked me when they let me sample it at the bakery. I ate a piece last night after Miles left for his meetings because I couldn't resist. I was eagerly looking forward to lunch today because it was my excuse to eat some more of it.

I quickly made this salad with mixed greens, sliced grape tomatos, cucumbers, soy nuts, and a little bit of sliced up aged cheddar. I was very thankful to have my lettuce ready to go so I didn't have to wash it today given my hunger!

I topped the salad with this dressing. I really like several of the Maple Grove Farms products. They make several dressings I like and I buy their sugar-free maple syrup for the kids. There products have way less sugar than others and no high fructose corn syrup which I appreciate very much!

But what you really care about is a picture of that bread sliced open isn't it?????

That is a swirl of pumpkin goodness inside that bread. I ended up not even eating my apple because I was too full after eating the bread. I did spread a little Earth Balance on there after I took the picture but it is good without anything too. Just in case you are wondering, or you think I am sending mixed messages, the pumpkin bread is a treat for me! I wouldn't normally eat it with my lunch. It does contain brown sugar and the apple would have been sweet enough but I can't let the bread go to waste now can I? Besides this will probably be the only loaf I get for a year. I am sure it is seasonal.

Now onto to dinner. Wednesdays are a little quirky for us. Miles is always at church and he eats the meal there. Sometimes Evan stays after school at the church too and sometimes he comes home, but Faith and I are always here. I usually scrounge up some leftovers and the kids eat something simple like a bowl of cereal, or  Amy's Organic Shells and Cheese, or a wrap or sandwich.

But tonight I made a little something quick and yummy. It started with these peppers that need to be used up. I got them at Sams.

I've actually had these for almost 2 weeks. They are still looking great but they won't for long. They sounded good tonight anyway.

I chopped them up with a little red onion, green pepper, yellow squash, and some chicken sausage. I cooked them in a little olive oil until the sausage was done.

I also added this seasoning......

You remember I have a thing for spices and seasonings right? Well Pepper Creek Farms has a TON of good ones. This says it is for bread dipping, which I do often, but it is also great in lots of other things. I have several different flavors of these and I love them all. I have found them at TJ Maxx and Home Goods ironically enough but you can order them online too. I also added a little salt and pepper.

Served it up with some delicious grapes and enjoyed every last bite! I also drank it with a V8 just to squeeze in a few more veggies.

There you go! That is what I ate for the day. Pretty typical except for the pumpkin swirl bread that I would truly love to eat another piece of. I also snacked a little on some nuts and a few Apple Straws. Now if I don't go change out of these cleaning clothes and get ready I will be late for church! Enjoy your evening!

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