Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sugar Free Chocolate Bar

I've had a busy day today grocery shopping, running errands, and making a meal for some friends who just brought their precious new born son home from the hospital today. Little Aidan is such a priceless treasure and it is so exciting because it has been a long journey getting him here! So I am out of time and this is not a real post. Just something that I feel the need to share. When you discover something really good you should let other people in on it, right?

Well last week I found the most delicious sugar free chocolate bar. I don't know why I was even looking at the chocolate bars. I guess a woman doesn't really need a reason now does she. I picked it up and flipped it to the back like I always do to read the label. My eyes scan quickly until I find the sugar content. What? Zero grams? How is that possible? Especially since all the other dark chocolate bars have like 20 grams. I flip it back to the front. Yep, there it is at the top, Sugar Free. Hmmm....this might be calling my name. I flip it back over to look at the ingredients list. Hooray! No aspartame! It goes into the cart. I pay for it and take it out to the car before I rip it open to check it out. WOW! It tastes pretty darn good.

I start to drive away. I consider whether or not I will share or even let Miles in on this little secret. He does love chocolate too. I will admit you must have some inclination towards dark chocolate or you might not be as thrilled as I am. I eat several squares before I finally tell him about it. He too is amazed at how delicious it is. He is a dark chocolate lover.

I come back the next day to eat a little square and what do you know that is about all that was left! Perhaps I shouldn't have shared after all!

Why didn't I buy another one when I was there today?

Don't let the star anise ingredient scare you away. Miles hates anise and he didn't even notice it. It probably adds to the over all flavor but you can't taste it in there alone. You can taste a little of the espresso however and that is why I loved it so much!

These bars are near the good chocolate in the candy aisle. You could make an awesome chocolate sauce or ganache with this also but you can just eat it when you need a chocolate fix. I kind of need one now which makes me even more bummed I didn't pick another one up today. I am having to avoid the temptation of these....

I made cake pops today for the dessert part of the meal I delivered. Cake pops are for celebrating special occasions you know and they are a total weakness for me. There isn't much on earth that tastes better than them. I have made them tons of times in all kinds of shapes and colors but have never taken a picture of them. Strange.

Now I must go watch last week's episode of the biggest loser or I will be behind again since it is on tonight too! I hear last weeks episode was awesome!

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