Saturday, November 26, 2011

Leftover Fest

I hope everyone had a wonderful relaxing Thanksgiving! I was thankful to actually be in the kitchen doing what I love and not holding a paint brush in my hand for the last couple days. Yesterday we spent the entire day at home doing absolutely nothing! It was so nice to have nothing on our agenda. I didn't even start putting up the Christmas decorations like I had planned because we were just too lazy. Thankfully we have a ton of leftovers and I won't be cooking too much this weekend.

This was a lot of food for the 6 of us! Plus it doesn't include the salads and bread that were on the table.  But isn't Thanksgiving about cooking once and eating 8 times??

Plus I have lots of good food to work with. Here is my non-anemic, very full, Thanksgiving plate. That was it though. I didn't have seconds of anything because I was quite full and of course dessert was waiting for us!

Yesterday I start to hear a little rustling in the kitchen so I came out to see what was going on and found this.....

That's right! The husband getting all creative with the leftovers! Such a proud moment! Although he wasn't too happy about the picture taking since he was still in his robe. So I spared him the full picture and you just get his arm to prove it was him.

He put a little aged cheddar on some ancient grain bread I bought with turkey and leftover cranberry salsa. We topped it with a little of this cranberry orange vinaigrette I made for some moisture and boy was it good!
Miles heated up some of the high protein garlic mashed potatoes and some spaghetti squash gratin that I am super glad I chose to make in spite of the fact that we had too much food. It was my favorite thing about Thanksgiving! Then I added a little fruit because my plate wasn't looking very colorful.

Last night for dinner Miles went to the cupboard and pulled out the whole wheat mini flat bread rounds I bought and forgot about. My intention was that we could make several different kinds of turkey sliders and I thought they would be fun for the kids.

We kept it simple to start with last night and just used a little cracked pepper mayo and deli mustard. I was going to put some lettuce on there but I figured it didn't really matter since I was eating a salad with it. Today I might get really creative and put some of that spaghetti squash on there but I also see a soup in our future because sandwiches do get old no matter how cute the little mini buns are.

Now I must go actually get something done today. Sigh. Laziness, it was nice knowing you for a day!

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