Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chicken Fajitas

I needed a quick dinner tonight. I have been painting all day, then picked up the kids, took them to LuLu Beans for a smoothie, and then to the park since the weather was spectacular! Faith had to go to the bathroom so we left the park very quickly and I promised she could ride her bike since we didn't get much time at the park. Needless to say by the time we came in the house dinner needed to be served very quickly! I love when I can throw everything in one pan and call it dinner!

Fajitas are something I think of as good yummy food. By that I mean the food I have basically given up like deep fried foods and burgers. Fajitas make me feel like I am eating something naughty that I shouldn't be. Maybe that is because you can order them at a restaurant and they come so piping hot and taking up the entire table that no one else has room to eat.

So tonight I cut up some chicken quickly and cooked it in olive oil with some cumin and garlic. I have a thing for spices. See.......

I reluctantly post this picture because I feel like I am revealing a secret little addiction. Obviously there are worse things in life to hoard but still. Now you know I can't pass up a spice! It has gotten worse since we began eating healthy. I have really learned to use spices to flavor foods instead of all kinds of sauces with fat and cream in them. I much prefer the spices now!

After the chicken was cooked I added the bag of cut up peppers I purchased at Trader Joe's and a sliced up red onion to the pan and this special little secret ingredient.....

This comes in several other flavors too that I haven't accumulated yet!

I also added a little more cumin and some garlic salt and pepper. It was delicious and not too spicy. Everyone ate this up and Evan said he really enjoyed it. I thought there would be leftovers but when Miles was doing the dishes, yes you read that correctly, I realized he had finished off the pan! (By the way he does the dishes almost every night!)

I served this one pan meal with a little dollop of light sour cream and some guacamole. I usually make that from scratch but sometimes I buy these....

These are great 100 calorie packs. I like the Wal-Mart brand because you get 6 in a package verses 3 of the name brand and I want to say it is even cheaper than the name brand. I split one pack between Miles and me tonight so it was only 50 calories!

To complete our meal tonight I chopped up some fresh pineapple and strawberries. Since I didn't feel like I was serving enough vegetables at dinner and since I really didn't have many at lunch either I drank this with my dinner tonight.
I love V8. I wish my kids did. I loved it as a kid but they won't drink it. Maybe one day I will have warped their little minds enough and fixed all of their taste buds.

You might be wondering where the tortillas are for my fajitas. I didn't use any tonight. In the beginning when I was first making changes and trying to detox they were kind of off limits. I really learned to enjoy my food without it being sandwiched between two pieces of bread or all wrapped up in some bread or with some bread on the side! You get the picture. I can actually taste my food when there is no bread masking the flavors and I truly prefer it that way! Sometimes I do still warm up the whole wheat tortillas, and there is nothing wrong with that, but since I went to LuLu Beans today, I skipped the extra calories tonight!

So that was my quick dinner tonight! I hope you will try the secret ingredient. You will love it! If you know of some spice I will love please share! I can make room despite what it looks like in that cupboard. I have organizing skills!

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