Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So I have had a very busy day, how about you? It was one of those days where I didn't get to sit down much, worked, did some laundry, ran errands, went to the store, answered emails, picked up kids, made dinner, ran a couple miles, finished dinner and served it to my family and basically went from one thing right to the next really until this very moment. Before you stop reading because you think I am a big baby just remember that I am used to being a stay at home mom and I choose to be that so I don't have days that feel like today! I value my time highly. In fact it is the one thing I will admit to nagging my husband about, protecting our time! I know your time is valuable too and often on days like this we hit the drive through on our way home because it is easier than fixing something healthy at home. Sometimes I still do that so don't fear that I am passing judgement on you. Sometimes I just can't bring myself to even enter the kitchen but I am sure I am the only one who ever feels that way, right?? But not today! Many of you have heard me say that I spend way less time in the kitchen then I ever used to. I am not lying either! Our meals are simple but delicious and don't usually require much time. Today was one of the days I needed a delicious, quick, simple, non-drive through meal! So here is dinner tonight with the recipe, one of our favorites!
Rotisserie Chicken Pitas with Sun-Dried Tomato Spread
(with lettuce and sliced avocado)

Raw Veggies with Greek Yogurt Dip

We also had a bowl of cut up very ripe and fresh mango but for some reason I didn't snap that picture! I assure you it was pretty and so good!

My friend Ka-Lee told me I needed to share this tip when I started my blog so here you go Ka-Lee! So do you hate it when your pita bread is stiff and breaks? It is supposed to be soft and chewable for pitty's sake! So whenever I make something with pita or even when I am just dipping pita in hummus I steam it. I pat a little water on each side of the pita with my hand and cover it with a paper towel and microwave it for 20 seconds. It will stay soft for a very long time. I sometimes will steam it over a boiling pot of water with my cookie cooling rack resting on top of the pot. Remember to do each side if you do it that way. Also this works great for tortillas.
This is the brand of pita I buy. It is called Joseph's and they have it at all three stores in town. I love this pita but it is also because it is the best choice for pita in Willmar. So skip that hard pocket pita bread and give this a try next time.

Now onto the rest of that recipe right! This actually came from Runner's World Magazine and has become one of our favorite meals. If you have the sauce made up ahead of time you can make and eat the pita pocket in less than 5 minutes so it is a great quick meal. I love that sauce so much, today I was thinking that I really should share some with my friends tomorrow and make them one of these for lunch, but I decided I don't love them that much! Just kidding of course but I really am not going to share because I want to eat the leftovers. So you all have to make your own! I hope this will become one of your favorite portions of goodness as well! Now off to pack a kindergarten lunch and iron some kindergarten clothes and read some kindergarten books! Tomorrow is a big day!

(Runner’s Magazine Aug. 2011 issue)
10 sun-dried tomatoes
1/3 cup roasted red pepper
¼ cup olive oil
2 garlic cloves
¼ cup walnuts
¼ cup fresh mint
2 Tbsp. fresh oregano
Pinch of cayenne
Salt to taste

Whole wheat pitas
Rotisserie chicken
Sliced avocado
Arugula or lettuce of choice
Roasted red pepper

Soak sun-dried tomatoes in water for approximately 30 minutes. Reserve ¼ cup of the soaking liquid and blend in a food processor with remaining sauce ingredients.  Slice pitas in half and spread with tomato spread. Then add chicken,  avocado slices, lettuce, and more roasted red pepper.

Optional: add a little feta cheese if desired.

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