Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's Sunday Night and I'm Not Cooking.

Well here it is Sunday evening already and like the title says, I am not cooking! I am sure I am the only one on the planet that is thinking that way. It doesn't help that it has been a rainy, dreary day and my allergies are pretty terrible. So do you wonder what I am eating if I am not cooking? Lots of times when I am having one of these moments we have what I call, "Fun Dinner." That means I get out small cups and muffin tins or plastic containers and fill them with lots of little things I might have laying around. Like cut up carrots and cucumbers, raisins, almonds, cut up cheese sticks, crackers, dipping sauces or peanut butter, fruit, etc. But tonight I am even lazier than that. So this is what I am eating....

Yep! Cereal! Fiber One specifically because it is really the only cereal I eat and that is because it has ZERO grams of sugar. I dare you to find another one like it! Okay I am sure they exist but it is a rarity for sure. I believe Uncle Sams might be another one with no sugar. I actually really love this cereal too, especially with a sliced up banana in it. The milk gives it plenty of sweetness so there is no need to add anything to it though. I probably only eat cereal once or twice a week if that but there is just something so wonderful about being able to just pour a bowl when you don't have the energy or desire to do anything else. Quick satisfaction! So grab a box next time and give it a try.

So since I am pretty boring with my dinner tonight I thought I would share some photos of some of the delicious things we picked up at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's yesterday. We were in the Cities for the Twins game and then planned to make a couple stops so we could stock up on some things. I have to say baseball.......pretty boring. Whole Foods and Trader Joe's ........Hallelujah! It is like Mecca for me. There is this sense of trust I have when I am in there and EVERYTHING is SOOOO beautiful!

Especially all the produce. I mean look at this portion of goodness we got. Two kinds of Kale and some watercress which you can not get in Willmar and organic yellow grape tomatoes.

A bag of organic carrots for only $1.99 and beautiful organic heirloom tomatoes. Also some of the best apples I have ever tried and you all know I am from Washington State so that is a big claim. This variety is called Zestari and they were also sampling my favorite Honey Crisp yesterday.

The kids love to go to these two stores too because they always get to pick out some snacks and things they want too. They go to town looking and asking of course. They try to get me by saying, "But Mom, it's healthy!" They know just about everything in the store is fairly healthy and they use it against me. So this is some of what they picked out yesterday. We did pick sweet treats from the bakery at Whole Foods also but you didn't expect a picture of that did you, because we ate it all way to fast for pictures. Something went down Miles' throat in one bite I believe!

Faith also got these darling little letter and number cookies. They do have sugar in them but they are made with whole wheat flour, have no preservatives, and no artificial colors. They taste great and I thought they would be fun for my little kindergartner to practice spelling a few things.

I am super excited about these black and red lentils! I have tried to make a couple veggie burger recipes before that have just turned out okay so I wanted these to do a little more experimenting this week with  colorful lentils plus they were very reasonable at $2.69 a bag.

I actually now wish I had purchased 4 jars instead of just 2 jars of these olives. They are only $2.99 a jar and the cheapest ones in town are $4.00 a jar and believe it or not that is at Wal-Mart. I guess I will have to ration them out. I will be the olive Nazi.

If you are ever going to Whole Foods please oh please pick me up some more of these raisins! They have no added sugar and oh my gosh they are awesome. We also grabbed some more chia seeds. I am sure I will have to post all about chia one day. Miles makes a drink from chia seeds and he basically lives on it!

Earth Balance was on sale hooray because it can be quite pricey! We also grabbed these Chile Lime Chicken burgers, a new hummus to try, sun-dried tomatoes and these Colby jack cheese sticks that Faith picked for her school lunches. I can't wait to try the chicken burgers.

Handmade Whole Wheat flour tortillas and Indian Naan bread. Naan bread is hard to find made with whole wheat flour around here. It is delicious! You can do lots of different things with it and it is great grilled. We ate some with our salad at lunch and dipped it in a butternut squash dip I made this morning.

So if I am being completely honest the real reason for these stops was that bag of sesame honey almonds from Trader Joe's. I also love these sweet potato chips because they have those awesome ridges in them and they taste so great! But those almonds..........oh my goodness! I couldn't buy just one bag of them. When we bought them for the first time Miles and I ate half the bag in about 5 minutes time. Then my sister got in the car with us and the 3 of us finished off the bag in about another 5 minutes. I have tried to replicate them at home and they just end up too sticky so more experimenting is necessary. I might share one with you but only one because half of the first bag may or may not be gone already.

So now I feel I must apologize to you. You are probably mad at me that I showed you all these wonderful products that you can't get in town here or wherever you live so you are wondering why did I bother or you are mad that you now have to make a two hour trip to the Cities because you HAVE to see these two awesome stores and have one of these products for sure! Fortunatly for you my Spokane friends Trader Joe's is coming to the South Hill this month!

Maybe I am not really sorry though because maybe you will take me with you on your trip so I can help you find these places!

P.S. Whole Foods has a great website and they share lots of great recipes on it. You can get to it by clicking here Then just click on recipes and enjoy!


Jenny said...

"There is this sense of trust I have when I am in there and EVERYTHING is SOOOO beautiful!" - I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!!!

I do wish we also had a Trader Joe's in Arkansas, but I'm glad we at least have a Whole Foods 30 minutes away. Those schoolbox cookies are really cute; are they vegan? I'm happy for you that your kids get excited about healthy food; that's fun.

Pam said...

Hey Jenny, I think they might just be vegan but I am no expert when it comes to that! They have enriched wheat flour (niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid) sugar, palm oil, cinnamon, natural flavor, sodium bicarbonate, and salt.

I knew you would know what that sense of trust was about! Trader Joe's is so much less expensive I wish you had one too!

Jenny said...

I'd say they are vegan. Natural flavor is kind of a toss-up, though. I wouldn't eat them myself not knowing, but I don't worry about little ingredients like that with my kids.