Friday, September 9, 2011

Quinoa for Breakfast

Well as promised I am up and at them and ready to share my quinoa breakfast! This is my very favorite breakfast and and I am sitting here a little sad because there are only a few bites left in my bowl. If you have tried quinoa before and weren't a huge fan then this is how you should try it again so you can work on getting this superfood into your diet too! Whenever I make quinoa I make a large batch  that I keep in the fridge ready to use. So last night I made plenty for our dinner salad and plenty for a few breakfasts for Miles and me. This is what it looks like when it is cooked up.

Add about a 1 cup of quinoa to a bowl

Next I get out my Greek Yogurt. Now I know Greek yogurt is a bit of an acquired taste but may I suggest that you really work on liking it! It is the best kind of yogurt for you and has the least amount of processing. Please DON'T buy the ones with fruit mixed in. They have anywhere from 20 to 32 grams of sugar in them and you will just be on a sugar crash an hour after breakfast. If you can't handle the plain Greek Yogurt then I like to use Fiber One yogurt because it only has from 4-6 grams of sugar. I like to use Athenos brand because it is the cheapest but Miles likes the one called Greek Goddess best.

Add about 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt to your bowl of quinoa.

Now I like to sweeten this mixture up a little bit so I add quite a lot of cinnamon and a packet of Pure Via or Stevia. I choose those sweeteners as often as possible over Splenda because they are all natural. Toss them in and mix that all up.

I do like to buy the big bag of Stevia because it is more economical but it is very handy to have some packets around as well, especially in my purse.

Now comes the fun part, the mix ins! My favorite is frozen blueberries and sliced almonds but I also like it with sliced bananas and a dollop of all natural peanut butter or sugar free jam. The possibilities are endless really. All kinds of berries and nuts or dried fruit are great mixed in, even a little toasted cocount! But what really tops this off and makes it irresistible to me is a little Agave Nectar drizzled over the top!

I am in love with Agave. You can use it like you would honey, but it is also great in tea and in all kinds of recipes as well. Just a personal preference but I prefer the darker kinds of agave to the lighter kinds. Please give this a try!

Doesn't that look divine????? I just want to make myself a whole new bowl and pretend I never ate the first one. If you give quinoa a try for breakfast let me know and please tell me what you mixed in!

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